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We aim to make a significant difference to any Fundraiser. Raising funds is an art and even the best event organiser needs fundraising support. We are forever hearing ‘it was a good event but we didn’t make as much as we had hoped’. Many fundraisers are Committee led, some with little fundraising experience. Can they produce a Running Order that offers a slick event that runs to time? Can they find the right balance between the fundraising and the entertainment? Can they produce significant fundraising material? If not then those who suffer will be those who were meant to benefit.

Corporate Events

We offer support to Corporate events whether run in-house or by a professional organiser. A Company event is generally used to entertain guests, thank clients, and to promote the business. Our aim is to ensure that guests leave with a positive feeling about the business. A poorly run event can severely damage the reputation of the Company, for whom the event was meant to promote.

Who we work with

We work with the organising body, whether it be a committee or an individual. We do not run the event or undermine the event organiser. We advise on every aspect of an event from concept to completion. The expertise of the Event Doctor helps to eliminate the ‘unforeseen problem’ that so often brings down an event.

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We advise charities on fundraising. A Charity is often light on resources and it is constantly underestimated how difficult it is to run a successful fundraising operation whilst also running an event. One aspect normally suffers.

Event organisers

We are the friend to the event organiser – we do not tread on their toes. The amateur or part time organiser needs more support from the outset, whereas the experienced event organiser often requires specialist fundraising advice.


Many individuals charged with the task of running an event find it daunting – venue, ticket price, ticket sales, timescale, Auction support, printing, marketing, sponsorship, entertainment, table plans, running order...

Private Companies

The emphasis is on a slick event that endears the client /guest to the Company. It is better not to have an event than have a dull one.

Event facilities

Hotel Groups recommend us to their clients as a smoothly run event increases the likelihood of repeat business. Event facilities are often unfairly blamed for errors made by the event organiser. We ensure that both parties do their job well.


We like to deal with event committees, particularly in the planning stages of an event. We would expect to present our service to a committee or Company board of Directors so that the end goal is clear.